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Global Server Availability
Wahoo VPN offers a vast network with 30+ servers spread across the globe, ensuring you always have the best connection no matter where you are.
Advanced Transmission Protocol
Wahoo VPN utilizes Xray-Reality encryption methodologies, guaranteeing the utmost privacy and protection for your data.
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Cross-Platform Compatibility png
Cross-Platform Compatibility
Wahoo VPN is available on four major operating systems, ensuring seamless protection and privacy across all your devices.
Works with most 3rd-party Apps
Wahoo VPN supports popular 3rd-party VPN apps like V2rayN, ShadowRocket, and Clash, ensuring seamless integration with your favorite VPN clients.
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Multi payments
Multiple Payment Options Available
Enjoy flexible payment options beyond in-app payments, including credit card, PayPal, and various crypto currencies. Select the payment method that suits you best.



iPhone App Install

Apple App Store

Requirement:iOS 12+


Android App Install

Google Play

Requirement:Android 5.1+


Mac App Install

Mac App Store

Requirement:macOS 10.15+


Windows App Install

Microsoft Store - Windows Apps

Requirement:Windows 10+


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Sophia Martinez
I've tried multiple VPN services over the years, and WahooVPN stands out for its exceptional performance. The V2ray transmission protocol ensures a smooth and speedy connection, even when I'm streaming HD content. Plus, with servers in over 10 locations worldwide, I can always find a fast connection no matter where I am. Highly recommended!
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Liam Thompson
Security and privacy are paramount for me, and WahooVPN delivers on both fronts. The encryption techniques they use give me peace of mind, knowing my data is safe from prying eyes. The cross-platform compatibility is a bonus, allowing me to switch between my devices seamlessly. A top-notch service that's worth every penny!