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VPN Setup Guides

How to setup Wahoo VPN on iPhone/iPad

    Download Wahoo VPN

  1. In Apple App Store, search Wahoo VPN, then tap Get Button.
    ios VPN setup1

    Sign In

  1. We combine sign in and sign up into one flow. Just select sign in option that you want
    ios VPN setup2
  2. For example, we use email sign in option.
    ios VPN setup3
  3. Confirm the email you just input, then tap Confirm
    ios VPN setup4
  4. Input the six number that was sent to your email.
    ios VPN setup5

    VPN Configuration

  1. When tap Connect button for the first time, you will get a notification to add vpn configurations. Please tap Allow button
    ios VPN setup6
  2. Input your pass code
    ios VPN setup7

    Connect / Disconnect VPN

  • To connect VPN, just tap on the connection button.
    ios VPN setup8
    If you you want to disconnect, just toggle the connection button again.

    Switch VPN server

  1. To Change vpn server, you tap on the server column.
    ios VPN setup9
  2. To determine which server is fast, select the smaller ping number of the servers. Shooter ping times typically indicates faster server response.
    ios VPN setup10
  3. (Optional) To refresh server list, tap Refresh on the left menu, ensure VPN is disconnected.
    ios VPN setup11